Local Wineries Take On International Technique


VINELAND, Ont. — Angels Gate Winery and Rennie Estate Winery has partnered with Vineland Research and Innovation Center to develop a locally adapted, highly efficient method for drying grapes in the appassimento style.

Appassimento is an ancient drying technique that has been practiced in Italy for more than a century. Research will focus on customizing the process for local grapes and weather conditions in the interest of developing more Ontario high-end wines.

“Consumers are asking for local, premium products and this process provides wineries the opportunity to deliver a niche product that offers excellent return potential,” said John Young, president of Angels Gate Winery. “Come early 2013, we will be meeting with wineries across the country to discuss specifics of the drying process and the potential for large-scale, commercial drying facilities.”

Funding for the project was received in part from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s Agricultural Innovation Program (AIP), which is supporting the invention of new products, technologies and processes for the agricultural sector.

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