Locally Grown Arctic Kiwis a Hit in Halifax


HALIFAX — When the average Canadian strolls up to their local fruit stand and reaches for a few kiwis to tuck into their basket, the last thing they expect is to discover that the kiwis are locally grown. If they were Canuck ex-pats living in China, it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary, but according to a story in today’s Chronicle Herald newspaper, arctic kiwis are flourishing in Nova Scotia.

The arctic kiwi is a heartier variety that’s smaller and smoother than a regular kiwi and tastes like a strawberry. Growers in the region believe that there is potential for the fruit to flourish.

Some manufacturers are already selling “bite-sized Canadian kiwis,” and the fruit can be used in preparing meals like smoothies and pancakes. Local restaurants like the Wooden Monkey in Halifax have taken notice, serving a sorbet that’s made from the fruit.

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