London Resto Employees Fight Off Looters


LONDON — Staff at the two Michelin-starred London restaurant The Ledbury frightened off looters with kitchen equipment after the iconic Notting Hill resto was targeted during the city’s ongoing riots.

Louise Yang, who pens the foodie blog Naked Sushi, wrote that attackers tried to steal some of her personal items but were eventually chased off by employees wielding cookware.

“The kitchen staff went beyond their call of duty by rushing up from the kitchen with rolling pins, fry baskets and other dangerous kitchen tools and scared off the looters,” she blogged.

Fortunately, no one was hurt. “It all happened very quickly and there was no harm to any of the customers,” Jason Walker, assistant restaurant manager, told “The kitchen staff came out and got quite vocal. Those burly kitchen boys did us a lot of favours.”

According to The Globe and Mail, looters also targeted nearby resto Bumpkin and Jamie Oliver’s flagship Birmingham establishment.

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