Mangia, Mangia!


This month we take a look at the changing face of pizza and pasta offerings across Canada, including some of the hottest cheeses on the market. Many believe the greatest recent shift in pizza and pasta has been generational. Technology, climate change, inclusivity and the general discerning nature of today’s millennial and Generation-Z consumers are driving change within the ever-popular pizza-and-pasta segment.

Automated convection ovens have landed in North America through a new business called PizzaForno. Currently Ontario-based, but with plans for a full North-American expansion, this robotic pizza system offers freshly made, artisanal pies within three minutes of being ordered. Similar to a vending machine, PizzaForno pizzas are freshly available 24 hours a day; seven days a week — making this the kind of technology that will likely change the future of quick-service restaurants.

Seeing a gap in foodservice to help facilitate pizza menu options, Dan O’Connor has created Beer You Can Eat — a high-quality pizza dough using French and Italian bread-making techniques, combined with the flavour of beer. This frozen, raw dough is ready to be rolled and baked and is suited for any industrial kitchen. Ready in a little over two minutes in a pizza oven or six to seven minutes in a conventional oven; the dough cooks to a tender, light-tasting pizza — ideal for pubs or smaller restaurants that may not have a pizza oven on premise.

Canadian-based dairy processor and supplier Saputo Foodservice has new cheese offerings available, including 3-kg pails of bocconcini pearls, small-cubed feta for pizzas and salads and ready-shredded or sliced cantonnier — a semi-soft, pressed cheese easy to distinguish by its taste of fruity cream, fresh apples and hint of hazelnuts. It adds a unique flavour to any dishes. You can also find other Saputo cheese products through their local brands: Shepard Gourmet, Woolwich Goat Dairy, Alexis de Porneuf, DuVillage, Kingsey and Armstrong from a variety of cow, sheep, goat and buffalo milks.

The Saputo Foodservice team draws on decades of experience serving the foodservice sector. Its sales representatives offer one-on-one support to help customers find the right products for their menu items, considering everything from the equipment in the kitchen to consumer and menu trends. This is done with the understanding that chefs and operators want to be as efficient as possible with their ingredients — which is why Saputo Foodservice products are available in different sizes and formats designed specifically for foodservice.

Finally, we look at the carb- and cheese-loaded pizza and pasta offerings of yesteryear and learn how Canadian chefs are creating that soul-satisfying feel only Italian food can bring with completely plant-based offerings.

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