Maple Bacon Jam Linked to Foodborne Illness at CNE


TORONTO — Maple bacon jam has been identified as the ingredient on the Cronut Burger that made more than 200 people sick last week at the annual Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) in Toronto.

“We have ensured the contaminated product is not served. There is no risk to the public,” said Dr. David McKeown, Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health.

The investigation is now focused on Le Dolci, the Toronto company that supplied the jam for the Cronut Burger — a beef patty that was sold sandwiched between a doughnut/croissant hybrid. Dolci has voluntarily ceased production of the jam.

Meanwhile, Epic Burger and Waffles, which was voluntarily closed after its Cronut Burgers caused illness, have reopened at the CNE without the burger on the menu; it was announced that the company will no longer use Le Dolci as a supplier. According to Lisa Berger, an associate medical officer of health for Toronto Public Health, Epic Burger employees were re-trained in proper food handling, and the vendor station was thoroughly sanitized prior to reopening.


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