Maple Leaf Announces Safety Council


TORONTO — After a difficult and very public battle with contaminated products, Maple Leaf Foods recently announced the establishment of its Food Safety Advisory Council, a team of independent experts that is expected to increase access to global knowledge and expertise in areas of food safety practices, microbiology, technology and public health.

The council, which includes Dr. Randall Huffman, chief food safety officer for Maple Leaf Foods, will advise senior leaders in all areas of food safety. “The primary mandate of the council is to challenge the status quo of Maple Leaf’s food safety program so we continue to raise the bar ever higher,” said Huffman. “These individuals bring immense food-safety knowledge to the council and will support our commitment to becoming a global food safety leader.”

The panel also includes: Dr. Harvey Anderson, professor, Nutritional Sciences, Physiology and Medical Sciences, University of Toronto; professor Colin Dennis, chairman, Industry Advisory Group, International Agri-Technology Centre Ltd.; Dr. Mansel Griffiths, director of the Canadian Research Institute for Food Safety; Dr. R. Bruce Tompkin, a microbiologist with more than 45 years in the food processing industry and one of the developers of HACCP; and John Weisgerber, former director of Quality for a major North American meat processor with nearly 40 years experience in quality and food safety management.


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