Maritimes Flex Some Olympic Mussel


P.E.I. — Blue cultured mussels have made it to the menu three times a day at the Atlantic Canada House pavilion on Granville Island at the Olympic Games in Vancouver.

“We are shipping 3,000 pounds of fresh blue cultured mussels from Atlantic Canada to be served during Atlantic Canada House operations,” says Linda Duncan, executive director, Mussel Industry Council of North America.

During the next 13 days, chefs will be preparing the delicacy in a number of sauces, creating everything from classic Mussels Marinara to Thai-style Mussels.

“Mussels are a tasty and healthy food that can be prepared many different ways,” says Duncan. “We are excited to be able to introduce visitors from around the world to the various flavours of fresh blue cultured mussels.”

Blue cultured mussels are high in Omega 3, low in fat, high in daily requirements for zinc, vitamin c and iron and have been recognized as sustainable.


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