Marky’s Closes Its Doors


TORONTO — Patrons of Marky’s Deli & Restaurant, a 43-year-old kosher restaurant at the corner of Bathurst St. and Wilson Ave. in Toronto, will have their last chance to savour the food before it closes tomorrow.

“We have been a family. I’m getting calls from all over the U.S., Israel, Europe. Some people are crying over the phone because they are so sad,” Erez Karp, the restaurant’s owner, told the Toronto Star.

Karp’s parents opened Marky’s in 1969, and he took it over in 1988. It has become an icon in the community, serving Middle Eastern-European Jewish fare, such as kishka and beef knish as well as chicken fingers, burgers and pastrami. According to Karp, given the state of the economy, the restaurant can no longer be sustained.

The Star reports Karp has no immediate plans after closing, but, as of Aug. 1, the location will house a Filipino grocery store.

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