Marquee Chefs Open New Diggs in T.O.


TORONTO — In a city the size of Toronto, new restaurant openings occur daily, but very few of them carry the kind of buzz that Ruby Watchco and Origin have been generating during the past few months. And, with big-name chefs like Lynn Crawford and Claudio Aprile behind the projects, the city’s diners will have a lot more to talk about over the spring and summer.

Crawford — a TV personality and former executive chef at Truffles in the Four Seasons — opened Ruby Watchco on Toronto’s east side in Leslieville this week, making a splash as the first “celebrity” chef to cross the Don River and put down roots in the red-hot neighbourhood. She’s created a relaxed, family style menu that showcases local food and urges guests to share platters.

Aprile, who plies his molecular wizardry at Colborne Lane just off of King St., is a chef who’s as talented as he is polarizing. Staying current with the recent trend in the city, he’s taking a much more casual and accessible approach at his new restaurant.

For more info on the openings, click here.


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