Mary Brown’s Chicken Helps Bring Ukrainian Refugees to Canada


TORONTO — Mary Brown’s Chicken has launched an initiative to help bring Ukrainian refugees to Canada and provide employment, flights and funds for accommodations.

Prior to coming to Canada, candidates will be interviewed for a position at Mary Brown’s Chicken. If they qualify, the process begins to move individuals and their families. In addition to a job, Mary Brown’s Chicken will pay for flights from Poland and give them $3,000 to help settle down in Canada.

“Our goal with this program is simple – to help as many people as we can get out of a crisis,” says Greg Roberts, owner and CEO of Mary Brown’s Chicken. “The accommodations and setup in Poland are undoubtedly overwhelmed. If we can offer a safe environment and an opportunity for people to work and re-build, we’re thrilled to do that. We want to set an example for other employers and brands. I challenge other Canadian brands to get involved today. Time is of the essence with the crisis in Ukraine, and we all need to do what we can, as soon as we can.”

“We’re very proud of this initiative and hope to make it a huge success,” says Hadi Chahin, president and COO of Mary Brown’s Chicken.

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