McCain Cuts Potato Orders

poutine fries

TORONTO — According to a story in the Toronto Star, McCain Foods Inc., which is said to produce one third of the world’s frozen french fries, will be slashing its potato orders to New Brunswick and P.E.I. farmers by 20 to 30 per cent this year.

The dramatic cutback has been attributed to changes in the eating habits of boomers and “a delicate global balance” in potato trading. “U.S. people are eating out less these days,” Calla Farn, McCain’s Canada spokeswoman told the Star.

Apparently, the problem began in 2006 when, according to a NPD Group report, sales of the fried favourite began to plummet. Though experts blame the recession, according to the industry newsletter PotatoPro, fries have taken a bigger hit than many other restaurant foods.

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