McCain Foods Introduces New McCain Medleys Flavours

McCain's New Medleys Flavours being eaten at dinner table by family

TORONTO — McCain Foods Canada has expanded its category offerings by launching two new flavours of McCain Medleys. The two new flavours, Mexican Style and Smoky Paprika & Pepper, are made up of seasoned potatoes and crisp vegetables and join original Medleys favourites, all of which can be prepared in the air fryer or oven in just 16 minutes.  

“In today’s fast-paced world, families juggle multiple responsibilities, from work and school to extracurricular activities and household chores,” says Mike Embir, Marketing director at McCain. “Staying at the forefront of category innovation, we looked to expand our Medleys product line to continue addressing the consumer need for dishes that are quick, wholesome and crowd-pleasing, in an effort to free up more family time to spend together.”  

Building on the 2023 Medleys launch partnership with chef Susur Lee, McCain is proud to once again collaborate with Lee and his son Jet Bent-Lee, to emphasize the importance of family connection during mealtime. Susur and Jet explored the new Medleys flavours to create a custom recipe and engaging social content for this campaign, bringing the joy of cooking together as a family and highlighting the versatility and quick preparation of McCain Medleys. 

“I’m always looking to explore new ways to bring flavour into my dishes and find my next favourite ingredient, especially if it offers the opportunity to spend time with my son,” says chef Lee, Canadian chef of Lee Restaurant and father of three. “McCain Medleys is a favourite because with four flavours to choose from, Medleys offers untapped creative potential and customization options, ensuring that everyone in the family will be satisfied.”  

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