McDonald’s Announces Its Social Responsibility and Sustainability Plans


OAK BROOK, Ill. — McDonald’s Corp. has announced its first Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability plan, with goals to put it in place by 2020.

“We’re on our way to mainstreaming sustainability,” said Bob Langert, McDonald’s VP of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability. “Sustainability doesn’t fully happen until the consumer is engaged and connected. In addition to catapulting momentum on key social and environmental issues, the difference McDonald’s can make is bringing sustainability to the masses, making it part of our everyday business life and the lives of our customers.”

Goals highlighted in the report include supporting sustainable beef production, sourcing 100-per-cent fibre-based packaging from recycled sources, serving more nutritional options (such as fruit, vegetables and low-fat diary) in nine of the chain’s top markets as well as installing approximately 300,000 pieces of more energy-efficient equipment in restaurants worldwide.

McDonald’s collaborated with suppliers, franchisees, sustainability experts, NGOs and socially responsible investment organizations on the report, Our Journey Together. For Good.


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