McDonald’s Canada Aims to Hire 1,700 New Employees on West Hiring Day


VANCOUVER — McDonald’s Canada will hold its annual West Hiring Day tomorrow. The initiative, now in its sixth year, strives to decrease unemployment rates in Western Canada. The QSR has set an ambitious goal this year — 1,700 new employees across the western provinces, with 750 in B.C. and the Yukon Territory alone. The remainder will be hired in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and the Northwest Territories.

“We’re proud to serve and employ members of our community,” says Vancouver franchisee Andy Bates. “Whether for a young person looking for their first position or for an adult trying to break back into the job market, West Hiring Day is such a welcome occasion for so many Canadians. In particular, the newly created Guest Experience Leader positions provide our employees with relevant experience and skills that set the foundation for future success and careers. Some people call them ‘soft skills’. We call them skills for life.”

Most recently, Statistics Canada’s Labour Force Survey revealed the nationwide unemployment rate to be seven per cent, following four consecutive months of job loss. Despite the rate being lower in B.C. (5.5 per cent) finding a job in the province has nonetheless proven to be a difficult endeavour.

Although McDonald’s hires throughout the year, West Hiring Day is its largest one-time job fair for the chain in the west. Franchisees will be hiring entry-level crew members, managers and Guest Experience Leaders.

West Hiring Day comes five months after the franchise’s National Hiring Day in April, which brought in more than 8,900 new employees across the nation.

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