McDonald’s Canada Announces $1B Makeover


TORONTO — McDonald’s Canada has announced a $1-billion renovation of its Canadian locations in an effort to appear more modern and attract more customers.

“People tend to linger a little bit more in restaurants today. They want to enjoy their meals, take a break from the busy lifestyle they lead, and we think our restaurants today are certainly doing that a lot better than in the past,” John Betts, McDonald’s Canada CEO, was quoted as saying by the The Canadian Press.

“The business we’sve been enjoying from our reimaged restaurants or remodelled restaurants is close to double digits,” Betts told CP in an interview at one of the renovated stores in Toronto’s east end.

The chain has also introduced new food  options such as oatmeal and grilled chicken wraps. Earlier this summer, McDonald’s Canada announced that it would update its Happy Meal by adding a serving of strawberry yogurt and a smaller, 31-gram serving of fries that contain 100 calories.

The Canadian reno follows a similar facelift program announced in the United States earlier this year.

For more on the McDonald’s Canada makeover, visit CBC News.

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