McDonald’s Canada Launches Restaurant Experience of the Future across Manitoba


WINNIPEG — McDonald’s restaurants rolled out its new modernized restaurant experience across Manitoba today, creating more than 400 local jobs.

As part of its brand transformation, McDonald’s Canada has evolved its menu, ordering processes and employee roles to provide local guests with a more personalized and customizable dining experience. The company and its franchisees are investing between $200,000 and $250,000 and are hiring around 10 to 15 new employees in each of the 29 participating restaurants.

“Each and every day our teams look forward to serving our local and visiting guests — but today we open our doors with even more excitement,” says Shelly Hansen, Western Regional VP, McDonald’s Canada. “From crew members to restaurant managers to franchisees, we’re ready to introduce Manitobans to our Create-Your-Taste burger concept and our new restaurant experience of the future.”

Using self-order kiosks, guests can choose from the Create Your Taste menu with two types of buns or a lettuce wrap, five types of cheese, 12 toppings — including guacamole, caramelized onions and hickory-smoked bacon strips — and nine sauces. Manitoba locations will also offer fresh new McCafé bakery items, including authentic French croissants and mini chocolatines.

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