McDonald’s Canada: Self-Serve Kiosks Not A Threat To Jobs


McDonald’s Canada is squashing claims that the new self-serve kiosks will affect job security, reports The Huffington Post Canada.

The self-serve kiosks are currently in the testing phase in Alberta and Ontario. “In restaurants currently testing our self-order kiosks, the scheduled number of restaurant crew is the same or higher as without kiosks in order to support the needs of our guests,” said Adam Grachnik, spokesperson for McDonald’s Canada. “In other markets (Europe and Australia), McDonald’s has actually added more jobs as their business continues to grow.”

“These kiosks are designed to give our guests a modern opportunity to order at their own pace and try their own hand at customizing their order (if they choose to),” said Grachnik. “They also offer an alternative option for guests to place their order during busy periods.”

The move to introduce self-serve stations is one step in the chain’s business model overhaul in response to globally declining sales. []

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