McDonald’s Canada to Resume Sourcing 100-Per-Cent Canadian Beef


TORONTO — McDonald’s Canada will return to sourcing 100-per-cent Canadian beef in September 2020, ending the temporary sourcing adjustments announced in late April due to industry constraints. Since that time, McDonald’s Canada has been sourcing as much Canadian beef as possible, maintaining more than 80 per cent of supply from Canadian sources on average and supplementing with imported beef from pre-approved McDonald’s suppliers.

The company is also continuing its beef-sustainability journey by offering Quarter-Pounder patties, from which a portion of the beef (minimum 30 per cent), will be sourced from CRSB-certified-sustainable Canadian farms and ranches by September 2020.

McDonald’s Canada has used 100 per cent Canadian beef since 2003. The company has also been a long-time proponent and advocate of sustainable practices in the Canadian beef industry. The organization and its franchisees will continue to advocate for progress on sustainability, which contributes to the humane treatment of animals and delivers positive outcomes for farmers, ranchers, communities and the planet.

“For nearly two decades, we’ve maintained a strong commitment to sourcing Canadian beef — we’re incredibly proud of the role we’ve played in supporting local ranchers and farmers,” said Nicole Zeni, senior manager, Supply Chain, McDonald’s Canada. “In these challenging times, our ability to return to sourcing 100 per cent of our beef from Canadian sources is a true testament to the resiliency of the industry.”

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