McDonald’s Canada Unveils New Happy Meal


TORONTO — Amid growing pressure to offer healthier food for children, McDonald’s Canada has introduced its new Happy Meal, which comes with yogurt and a choice of apple slices or new mini-sized french fries

“We’ve worked diligently to offer more variety in our Happy Meal so the things kids love are also the things that parents can feel good about,” said John Betts, president and CEO of McDonald’s Canada. “By offering more balanced choices to choose from, we’re supporting parents in encouraging their children to enjoy foods that are good for them.”

Along with Danino strawberry yogurt and the choice of apple slices or mini-sized french fries, the new Happy Meal includes a choice of hamburger, cheeseburger, Chicken McNuggets or Chicken Snack Wrap and choice of beverage, including one per cent white or chocolate milk. The mini-sized french fries are approximately 31 grams, roughly half the size of the company’s small-size french fries; it’s approximately 100 calories.

The company introduced the revised Happy Meal in U.S. earlier this year where it was met with mixed results. McDonald’s was praised for making the change to healthier menu items, however the change, specifically, in Happy Meal, was not perceived as significant enough.

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