McDonald’s Introduces National Informed Dining Program


TORONTO — McDonald’s Canada has announced it will be joining Informed Dining, a B.C. nutrition education program that emphasizes caloric and sodium contents of menu items. It will expand the program nationally, at its 1,400 locations in the fall. 

 “We believe it’s very important to provide access to nutrition information in restaurants. As a national chain, ideally whenever we take on a new program, we want to be consistent in the way we deliver it in every province and territory. It was a bit of a challenge to only do it in the B.C. market,” said Sherry MacLauchlan, director of Government Relations and Sustainability at McDonald’s Canada, of the program, which originally launched last May only in British Columbia.

The restaurant’s current Nutrition Facts information, which displays comprehensive nutrition information, similar to a nutrition table on packaged goods, will be evolved to emphasize calorie and sodium content of menu items and daily requirements.

“We believe the program will be very positively received by our customers,” sums up MacLauchlan. “The Informed Dining program is a great opportunity to educate our customers about the availability of nutritional information, so they can make an informed choice, and we support them in improving their nutrition literacy.”

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