McD’s Launches McMini Across Canada


TORONTO — There was a time not too long ago when Canada’s big quick-service restaurant chains offered menu items for breakfast and lunch/dinner, with nary a specialty snack item to be seen. Those days are long gone, as the newly tapped into snack daypart has seen some of the biggest growth in foodservice over the past few years.

Keeping in line with Canadian consumers’ desire to have more snack items available to them at their favourite QSR, last week McDonald’s rolled out a new menu item across the country — the McMini sandwich. The item made its debut in Quebec as a limited-time offer.

“Canadian customers demand variety, quality and convenient menu items without sacrificing on taste,” said Anne Parks, director of Menu Management, McDonald’s Canada. “We received such positive feedback on the McMini from the Quebec market that, in the spirit of listening to our customers, it was only natural to extend the product offering to other parts of the country.”

McMini sandwiches feature a fresh, mini bakery style baguette, with the choice of crispy or grilled seasoned all-white chicken breast and two gourmet sauces, Spicy Thai and Pesto, for $1.99.


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