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McDonald’s commits to making Happy Meals healthier

In February, McDonald’s announced it would change the Happy Meal menu and marketing practices across 120 markets around the world. In the Canadian market, McDonald’s already meets local advertising pledges and offers nutrition transparency related to Happy Meal bundles and all menu items. However, the brand will now also meet the new global menu goals, which include that by 2022, 50 per cent or more of the Happy Meal bundle offerings shown on menus will meet the criteria of:

  • fewer than or equal to 600 calories;
  • less than or equal to 10 per cent of calories from saturated fat;
  • fewer than or equal to 650 milligrams of sodium; and
  • less than or equal to 10 per cent of calories from added sugar.

“Families are at the heart of our business and Happy Meals are a huge part of what kids love about McDonald’s,” says Antoinette Benoit, CMO at McDonald’s Canada. “These changes are about continuing our brand’s evolution, meeting the needs and wants of our guests, and also using our reach to have a positive impact around the world and in communities from coast-to-coast.”

McDonald’s Canada promotes only water, milk and juice as the Happy Meal beverage on menu boards and external advertising and, currently, every Happy Meal sold in Canada includes yogurt and the option of including apple slices.

McDonald’s Canada was one of 34 food-and-beverage companies in Canada to launch the Nutrition Facts Education Campaign and was also one of the first foodservice companies to display calorie information on menu boards in all restaurants across Canada. Detailed nutrition information for menu items is also  available in-restaurant through the Nutrition Facts brochure, through an online Nutrition Calculator and on the My McD’s app.

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