Mealshare Partners with A&W Canada to Feed Youth in Need


CALGARY — Mealshare has launched a new partnership with A&W Canada. From October 28 to December 1, Mealshare and A&W will provide one meal to a youth in need for every Mushroom Mozzarella Combo purchased at 54 participating A&W locations in Saskatchewan and Ottawa.

“A&W is an amazing organization and a leader in the industry with waste reduction, sourcing healthy ingredients and animal welfare,” says Andrew Hall, co-founder of Mealshare. “We’re very excited to partner because we share the same values and are proud to work together to give back to local communities.”

Founded in 2013, Mealshare is a national social enterprise on a mission to help end youth hunger. The organization started with four partner restaurants in Alberta and has since expanded to more than 500 restaurants across North America. Partnering with A&W is the next milestone for the organization. 

For this campaign, Mealshare will work with Breakfast Clubs, Boys & Girls Clubs and food banks across Saskatchewan and Ottawa in order to provide local meals to youth in need on behalf of A&W.

“The support of A&W restaurants in these markets will make a huge impact for Mealshare and for youth in need, adding to the 3.1-million meals served so far by our restaurant partners across Canada and in the U.S.,” Hall adds.

The Mealshare program operates on a “buy one, give one” model. Partner restaurants select a few items on their menu and put the Mealshare logo next to them. Each time a customer orders a Mealshare item, the restaurant donates to Mealshare, which uses funds to provide a meal to a youth in need through its partner charities. Half the meals are provided locally and the other half internationally through Save the Children Canada.

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