Meet the Winner of F&H’s Inaugural Employer of Choice Award

Photo by Charu Sharma

As the first winner of the Foodservice and Hospitality Employer of Choice (FSHEOC) Award, Yummy Catering Services Ltd. has built a company culture based on communication, engagement, trust and respect.

The Toronto-based company, which focuses on nutritious, home-style recipes for childcare centres and schools, is recognized as a leading catering company for children in the Greater Toronto Area.

On its mission to create employee loyalty, Yummy Catering is focused on conveying its values, goals and strategies, while ensuring employees feel involved and their opinions valued. To achieve this, the company works to ensure all channels of communication are open to employees and management/department meetings are used as a platform for team building, brainstorming and communicating the company’s values and goals.

Yummy Catering has positioned diversity and inclusion as the cornerstone of its culture and a fundamental component of the company’s overall growth strategy. This initiative is further supported by providing career development and job accessibility to new immigrants, as well as building and maintaining an inclusive supply chain.

To build a culture of engagement, the company’s leadership has cultivated a sense of community, motivating employees with positivity and encouragement. It also leverages ongoing training to keep staff motivated and productive and provides opportunities for employees to test new skills. This effort is furthered by offerings such as rewards and recognition programs, employee-referral programs, competitive wages and flexible working arrangements.

And, recognizing there’s always room for improvement, Yummy Catering is currently working to expand its benefits to incorporate initiatives such as pension plans, RRSP contributions, paid personal days, dental and eye-care coverage and mental-health support.

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