MEIKO Clean Solutions Canada Joins Forces with TLC Marketing


MISSISSAUGA, Ont. — MEIKO Clean Solutions Canada has announced TLC Marketing, a recognized manufacturers’ sales-and-marketing agency, as its representatives, serving MAFSI Region 26b, covering Alberta.

TLC Marketing, which has worked with restaurants, bars, consultants and representatives of healthcare, education, entertainment, food-production and hospitality sectors for close to 40 years, looks to continue representing those involved in an effective and sustainable manner.

From the addition of TLC, aligning with the business objectives and goals of MEIKO Clean Solutions Canada, TLC looks to provide true value and representation for clients through creation of product demand, knowledge and solutions, along with training and support.

MEIKO’s services are present across a variety of industries from airports, bars, convention halls, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, schools, stadiums and wineries.

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