Metro News: Brussels Restaurant and Brasserie Closes


HALIFAX — It’s becoming more difficult to operate a restaurant in the slower winter months, and one Halifax owner is blaming the lack of foot traffic on his restaurant’s demise, reports Metro News.

The owner of Brussels Restaurant and Brasserie was reportedly evicted from his location on Granville Street after failing to pay rent for the past two months.

Owner Boris Mirtchev said his restaurant experienced five consecutive years of losses. “We’ll get some spurts in business, we’ll get some decent weekends … overall, we just weren’t making money,” he told the newspaper.

Mirtchev said his Granville Square location lacked a continuous customer base. “Unfortunately, Halifax didn’t appreciate that part of town,” he said. “I think there should be more office people going out, even if they take a brown bag lunch, just go and enjoy that nice public space.”

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