Michelin Guide Downgrades Daniel Boulud From Three Stars to Two


NEW YORK CITY — The Michelin Guide’s roster of top New York City restaurants says Brooklyn and Queens are hot, but Daniel Boulud has lost some sizzle, according to the National Post.

This year, Daniel Boulud’s flagship restaurant was bumped down from three to two stars. “We obviously prefer to give stars than to take them away. Unfortunately, over numerous meals this year at Daniel he just wasn’t firing on all cylinders to maintain a third star,” Michael Ellis, director of the Michelin guides, told the National Post. “There was just not that consistency over the meals.”

Twenty restaurants in this year’s guide added stars (including some that earned their first star). Of those, 11 were outside Manhattan, including eight in Brooklyn.

Michelin guides, which cover 24 countries, are considered among the premier ratings of the restaurant world. A total of 874 restaurants are included in the 2015 edition of the New York City guide; 73 got star ratings. [nationalpost.com]

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