Milestones Aims to Elevate Dining at Home


TORONTO — Milestones Grill + Bar has launched a new online-ordering system for pick-up, along with #MilestonesAtHome — a digital resource designed to help customers enjoy more of the dine-in experience at home.

The brand’s online-ordering platform allows users to view its menu, see photos of every item, pre-pay, pre-order up to seven days in advance and apply offers when checking out. The #MilestonesAtHome resources aim to elevate the takeout experience and offers tips on comfort and service, as well as recipes, an in-restaurant music playlist and an ‘Overheard at Milestones’ track for those who miss eavesdropping on other tables while dining out.

“While our food quality and signature dishes are what we pride ourselves on, the Milestones experience is made up of so much more than that,” says Jimmy duDomaine, vice-president of Marketing at Milestones. “We came to realize that enjoying elements of our dine-in offering and ordering takeout are not mutually exclusive things — or at least don’t have to be. So, we created a platform that gives guests the opportunity to create their own Milestones experience at home. Following test runs by our internal team, we learned that by simply putting more effort into an at-home meal with family and loved ones, you can turn any night into a memorable one.”

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