Milestones Fallsview Restaurant Now Serving Ocean Wise Seafood


NIAGARA FALLS, Ont. — Milestones Fallsview Restaurant has become the only restaurant in Niagara Falls to be a member of Ocean Wise.

“The industry’s appetite for sustainable practices is more evident than ever and it’s a good thing when Canadians have more opportunities to choose sustainable food options,” explains Anthony Annunziata, VP of Marketing, Marriott Getaway on the Falls. “We all have a responsibility to respect where our food comes from and at Milestones Fallsview Restaurant, Ocean Wise is just one small way that we can contribute.”

The restaurant offers a variety of Ocean Wise seafood choices including pacific cod from Alaska and B.C. and sustainably farmed mussels from P.E.I. Ocean Wise is a conservation program and fishing method, created to educate businesses and customers on eco-friendly seafood choices.


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