Mill Street Calls Tea Time


TORONTO — To most Canadians, nothing says summer like a sunny outdoor patio and a cold beer, or perhaps a cool refreshing iced tea. Thanks to the brewers at Toronto’s Mill Street, bar patrons may not need to make that mutually exclusive decision this season, as the brewery introduces Mill Street Lemon Tea Beer.

The new Mill Street bevy, available in early June at the LCBO, is made by adding several kilos of black tea to the cold-aging tank to infuse flavour. Lemon is added after filtration to give it a bright, citrusy flavour. The finished product, sold in a 473-ml can, is light amber with a rocky white head and five per cent alcohol per volume.

“This brew is a perfect balance of traditional beer combined with bright summer flavours. It delivers a refreshing sense of fun in a truly unique design that I hope you enjoy,” says Joel Manning, company brewmaster.


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