Mission Hill Family Estate Honoured by George Brown College


TORONTO — The Centre for Hospitality and Culinary Arts (CHCA) at George Brown College announced the selection of its newest Canadian Treasures honouree, Mission Hill Family Estate.

Located in the heart of Okanagan Valley, B.C., Mission Hill Family Estate is world renowned for its award-winning wines, dramatic architecture and the seasonal Terrace Restaurant.

“My lifelong dream was to produce wines in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley that could stand alongside the best in the world and that’s exactly what we’ve done at Mission Hill Family Estate and will continue to do for generations to come,” says Anthony von Mandl, proprietor of Mission Hill Family Estate. “It is a tremendous honour to stand alongside distinguished organizations, which are also being celebrated as ‘Canadian Treasures’ by our peers at George Brown College. What we’re accomplishing together is truly world-class and is helping to place Canada on the global stage for excellence in the culinary arts, hospitality, tourism and as an exciting and emerging region to grow and craft truly exceptional wines.”

Mission Hill Family Estate joins past Canadian Treasure honorees including Norman Hardie Winery, Food Day Canada and Devour! The Food Film Fest. Each organization chosen illustrates unique aspects of the culinary, hospitality and tourism sector and contributes to the industry in a meaningful way.

The Canadian Treasure initiative was launched in 2017 to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of culinary, hospitality and tourism trailblazers across Canada.

“Canadian Treasures celebrates those innovators who make a real difference in terms of building great businesses and delivering culinary, hospitality and tourism experiences that help their regions become prime destinations,” says Lorraine Trotter, dean, CHCA, George Brown College. “The initiative highlights the critical role these organizations play as “best-in-class” leaders, in showcasing the unique qualities of their regions and in advancing local economic and cultural development. Canadian Treasures highlights the many great features of this industry to Canadians and to tourists worldwide.”

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