Mobile App to Speed Up Reservation Booking


VANCOUVER B.C. — The days of executive assistants and corporate bookers spending time searching for the best dining space for colleagues could be a thing of the past thanks to a new free iPhone mobile application.

To operate iTendr, users enter dining details once and receive multiple dining options from appropriate restaurants.

“Bookers such as executive assistants, event planners and hotel concierge, enter dining details for free, restaurants review the daily feed and connect to these tenders,” explains Patrick Malone, founder and CEO, iTendr. The app alerts high-calibre dining room staff of reservation needs, allowing them to confirm availability. Instant notifications provide venues with the opportunity to capture more corporate clients.

The app marks the beginning of “next-generation” mobile apps and the broad commercial convergence of micro-tenders attracting cost quotes from credible sources.

Look for iTendr on an upcoming episode of Dragon’s Den in March.

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