Modern Meat Partners with Real Vision


VANCOUVER — Modern Meat Plant-Based Foods Inc. is partnering with Real Vision Foods to produce plant-based bars and meal kits targeted towards cognitive athletes, students and high strain mental activities.

“Currently in the market there are numerous food and supplement choices available for athletes involved in physical activities that promote muscle growth, recovery and endurance. However, we’ve identified a gap in the market. We recognize that high-performance cognitive athlete’s diet should be similar to that of other competitive athletes, yet they also require added nutrients, which will increase circulation in the brain,” says Tara Haddad, founder and CEO of Modern Plant-Based Foods. “We’re looking to address the need by developing a high protein, nutritious plant-based bars and meals to provide these athletes and students with foods which will release energy quickly while still maintaining the glycemic level of the body.”

The new plant-based products will be available via eCommerce and retail by the end of year.

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