Montreal Tourism Aims to Boost City’s Culinary Scene


MONTREAL — Montreal’s cuisine has been celebrated for years, and now Tourism Montreal is determined to make the city a global gastronomic destination with the introduction of a new promotion.

“Our city overflows with great restaurants,” said Charles Lapointe, president and CEO, Tourism Montreal. “We want the entire world to know about our outstanding establishments and chefs, because they represent an integral part of Montreal’s unique flavour.”

The campaign’s $1-million budget will pay for advertising directed at Ontario and the U.S. Taste Mtl, a 10-day promotion with reduced prices at local restaurants, is also being introduced. It will run from Nov. 1 to 11 at eateries such as Bar Tazaflores, Birks Café par Europea, Chez Delmo, Chez l’sÉpicier and Cuisine du Marché.

Meanwhile, National Geographic Traveller has developed a free “Taste-of-Montreal” iPad app with more than 250 pages, panoramic images, recipes and tips from Montreal chefs such as Chuck Hughes and Carlos Ferreira.

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