Mr Mikes Steakhouse Issues Challenge to Jimmy Kimmel


VANCOUVER — Mr Mikes SteakhouseCasual has challenged one of America’s best known late night show hosts, Jimmy Kimmel, to drink a Caesar on Canada Day. A “Caesar Challenge” video was sent to Kimmel and a website was created.

Over one million Canadians have SnapChat-ed, tweeted and signed post cards heckling Kimmel to rise to the occasion and accept the challenge. The challenge video has over one million views on Facebook, Youtube and other social-media sites and over 10,000 Canadians have sent Kimmel online postcards, urging him to accept the offer while simultaneously informing him how awesome Canadian Caesars are.

“Our Caesar campaign taps into Canadian pride by challenging all Canadians to join the movement to show Jimmy Kimmel and all Americans our love for the Caesar,” says Robin Chakrabarti, an owner of RAMMP Hospitality Brands Inc., the company behind Mr Mikes. “The response has been amazing as Caesar-loving people all across Canada have viewed the video and are excited for our neighbours down south to get to know why our Caesar is another great Canadian invention that they’ll love.”

Canadians have two weeks left to show their support for the challenge. A Twitter hashtag was created for the event as well — #CaesarChallenge.

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