Naan Kabob Announces Four New Menu Items


TORONTO — Naan Kabob, a Toronto based fast-casual and catering restaurant has introduced four new menu items.

Inspired by authentic Afghan home cooking, new dishes include:

Aushak: a hand-formed vegetarian dumpling filled with leeks and served with mint yogurt and a choice of a stewed vegetarian or beef sauce.
Subzi Palo: a healthy dish of nourishing spinach sautéed with onions, cilantro and dill, served with Qabili Rice, Salad and Naan
Daal Nakhod Plate: a split-pea stew prepared with sweet tomatoes and fresh ground beef, served with Qabili Rice, Salad and Naan
Salata: a vibrant salad of diced tomatoes, cucumber, onions, mint and cilantro, drizzled with a special house vinaigrette

“We’re pleased to share the flavours of home with our guests. We hope our guests will taste the inspiration, born of fond memories of fresh, home cooked meals shared with family.” says Maryam Salimi, manager, Public Relations, Naan Kabob. “These new menu items further evolve our offering and expand choices for our valued guests, particularly during a time when so many are seeking the comforts of homestyle food.”

The restaurant has also offered to give customers the recipes to these dishes upon request to accommodate for those who are unable to purchase the menu items from the restaurant.

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