NAIT Launches Line of Cheese


EDMONTON — The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) has launched its own line of cheese.

As part of their course load, students at NAIT are crafting a variety of cheese including feta, mozzarella and brie. In fact, all first-year Culinary Arts students now take a course in the fundamentals of artisanal cheese making. The school is also planning a cheese making course for the general public.

“We’d like to foster the cheese-making industry,” said Melinda Falkenberg-Poetz, marketing coordinator at Alberta Milk, which represents the province’s dairy producers and a partner in the initiative.

NAIT’s retail store located at Main Campus sells small batches of these locally produced cheeses, which are also used in some of the dishes served at Ernest’s, NAIT’s fine-dining restaurant.

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