Nando’s Grillers Represent Canada in International Competition


BURLINGTON, Ont. — At the annual Nando’s Grillers’ Challenge national finals held in July in Etobicoke, Ont., the top two grillers were selected to represent Canada at the International Grillers’ Challenge in Malaysia.

Finalists were judged not only on their grilling skills and how they follow very specific standards, but on how they embody the Nando’s values. Nando’s signature Peri-Peri sauce must be applied at the optimal level, and the skin of the chicken must be crisp, with even, warm, golden brown colouring. The correct cross-hatching grill markings must be present and the plating techniques must align with Nando’s Escudo standard of quality. And of course, the overall taste and tenderness of the chicken are measured.

“This competition embodies the competitive spirit and passion of our Nando’s values,” says George Hantziagelis, vice-president of Operations, Nando’s Canada. “We believe in providing opportunities to our Nandocas (employees) and continually raise the bar on the quality of our skills. This is a brand that truly believes and invests in the people that make the chicken.”

This year, Nando’s Canada will be represented by Alex Brasil from the Nando’s Burlington location and Kwaymer Fagaragan from the Nando’s Calgary location. They will join 36 other top grillers from 22 countries September 19 to 23 to compete for the title of Nando’s International Master Griller.

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