National Ocean Wise Seafood Festival to Run in February


TORONTO — The National Ocean Wise Seafood Festival will run for the entire month of February, with dishes and products available from more than 400 restaurants, grocery stores and suppliers across Canada. The proceeds will support ocean conservation and the fight against overfishing.

“We’re thrilled to see the Ocean Wise Seafood Festival coming into its own as a Canada-wide celebration of sustainable seafood,” says Claire Dawson, senior manager of the Fisheries initiative at Ocean Wise. ”This event brings together conservationists, consumers and the industry alike to prepare and savour creative dishes featuring sustainability superstars like clams, mussels, kelp and many more. At a time when we all need something to celebrate, why not support your local sustainable-seafood businesses by trying as many as you can through the month of February?”

To view a full list of participants, click here.

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