National Takeout Day Continues to be a Lifeline for Canadian Restaurants


TORONTO — A year after the first National Takeout Day was launched, Toronto-based agency Branding and Buzzing and its Canada Takeout campaign are still focused on one objective — supporting the restaurant industry during these perilous times. The goal for this year’s National Takeout Day — which takes place tomorrow — is to break the record for the most money ever spent on takeout in a single day.

“Order takeout on [April 15] and upload your receipt so we can set the record,” says Sean Beckingham, partner at Branding and Buzzing, the agency in charge of the marketing of Canada Takeout. “…and constantly check in on the Canada Takeout [channels], whether it be the newsletter or website, and see what other food holidays are there to support.”

Helping to create the idea of National Takeout day wasn’t a difficult decision for Beckingham and his team — it only took one walk outside during the pandemic to open his eyes.

“When the pandemic hit, I walked down College St. and I saw all these places with closed doors, and I thought, ‘I hope we can find a way to help these places stay open, because if they aren’t here why am I living here?’” says Beckingham.

Moving forward, Beckingham hopes National Takeout Day will become its own entity. “We just want it to promote takeout,” he says. “Every year, we need to celebrate Takeout Day — it’s an important part of the restaurant industry; there are businesses that rely solely on takeout.”

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