Natrel Milk Bar by Java U Opens in Toronto


TORONTO — Montreal-based café chain java u, in partnership with Natrel, has opened the Natrel Milk Bar by java u in Toronto.

The new café concept, located in Toronto’s Queen West neighbourhood, shines a spotlight on milk and features a menu of delicious recipes, some of which have dairy as an essential ingredient. “We launched this unique café concept in Montreal in May last year, and it was very well received,” says Brian Cytrynbaum of java u. “Our mandate in Toronto remains the same as it was with our first opening — we want to raise the profile of the milk we use in our coffee and offer customers a one-of-a-kind gourmet experience in our cafés, which promote personalization and choice. After all, many specialized coffees are comprised of only one-third coffee; the other two-thirds are milk.”

The café offers seven varieties of Natrel milk, available through a barista or self-serve, allowing customers to personalize the full range of coffee beverages, as well as a seasonal menu featuring dairy products. In the summer, ice-cream and milkshakes in a variety of flavours will make a fun and delicious addition to the mix. The partnership between Natrel and java u has also produced two iced coffees — latte and mocha.

The collaboration between Natrel and java u reflects an emerging consumer trend towards co-branding. “We are proud of the innovative partnership with java u and the Toronto opening of The Natrel Milk Bar by java u,” says Jean-Francois Couture, VP of Marketing at Agropur Cooperative, Canada Operations. “This café provides us with a unique opportunity to allow consumers to enjoy our products while fully experiencing the brand promise of ‘making every day more delicious.’”

The official Toronto launch event was hosted by local radio host and TV lifestyle expert Pay Chen, and featured an appearance by world-renowned coffee artist Michael Breach (pictured above), who dazzled guests by creating their portraits in latte foam. Breach also put his artistic touch to the “Toronto Latte,” a new offering created by java u’s coffee experts.

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