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The coming year will see a growth of interest in international cuisines. Travel restrictions have kept consumers at home, driving enthusiasm for exploring international cultures through the food they eat.
Diners still crave spicy foods and “the hotter the better, especially with the Gen-Z crowd,” says Jill Houk, culinary director at ofi. “Consumers are opting for bolder flavour choices, like spices and botanicals, or trying products featuring ingredients from other parts of the world that add an innovative twist to classic favourites, from pizza, pasta and sauces, to proteins, snacks and desserts. Smoky flavours, such as paprika and cumin combinations add a depth of flavour akin to Korean BBQ or Tandoori dishes, perfect for creating that exotic ‘holiday’ experience with applications like dry rubs, marinades and sauces.”
To meet the growing demand for these bold, authentic flavours, ofi launched 17 ready-to-use, sustainably sourced, dry spice blends for foodservice applications that celebrate the varied and vibrant flavours of the Americas. These fully clean-label blends provide a simple way for chefs to create complex, authentic, multi-flavour experiences that remain consistent all year round.
The Blends of the Americas line reflects the tastes of modern Mexico, the Caribbean and the U.S. Southwest. Products include Spicy Citrus Coast, a modern-Mexico blend featuring scorpion chile, ground red pepper and lime; Warm Sedona Sunset, a Southwest blend that radiates sweet heat through turmeric, ginger, cinnamon and green cardamom; and Citrus Habanero Jerk, that brings a Jamaican flavour profile with a blend of allspice, habanero and lime.
Authenticity, convenience and reliability add to the appeal of these blends for chefs, says Houk. “This new range of spice blends is an example of how we are helping chefs create an authentic taste experience that is spicy and intriguing for today’s adventurous consumers. Bold spice blends can also help reduce the amount of salt in products by enhancing the flavour profile, while being sensitive to rising consumer concerns on sodium.”
ofi has worked with its innovation centres around the world to develop a wealth of recipes that showcase the flavours across a wide range of culinary creations. “Our unique portfolio of natural ingredients allows us to co-create with customers across our platforms, combining cocoa, coffee, dairy, nuts and spices to create fresh and vibrant flavours that are natural, nutritious and delicious,” says Houk.
The bolder flavours trend will continue to grow in the foreseeable future, she adds. “Consumers are now seeking adventurous global flavours beyond appetizers and mains, to snacks and confectionery,” says Houk. “The foodservice industry often provides the first step into new flavour experiences for consumers, so there’s great potential to really pave the way for this trend.”

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