Nature Knows Unveils 100-Per-Cent Compostable Packaging


MISSISSAUGA, Ont. — Nature Knows has launched a new line of 100-per-cent compostable packing for foodservice and retail.

The company’s 100-per-cent compostable and breathable pouches combined with its exclusive cleaning and sterilization process, allows its fruits and vegetables to stay fresh naturally up to 50 per cent longer. Nature Knows also offers fully customized designs to tailor for your brand or image, with speed to market in just three weeks.

The new packaging has been nominated for a DUX Grand Prix-People’s Choice Award.

“Our Canadian corn-based noisy bags are a sign of goodness,” says Andrea Watson, president of Nature Knows. “We love the crinkle — it helps the consumer know this is not plastic.”

Nature Knows supports healthier snacking to meal-planning solutions by providing ready to eat, fresh fruits and vegetables in both single-serve portions, to Snacking/Bistro kits, to the new “Farm-to-Table” re-sealable-bag formats.

“We want to ensure we provide healthy snack options to support all budgets, for a similar cost of a cup of coffee, snack or baked good,” adds Watson. “We’re well-positioned to help customers grow their healthy bottom and top lines. We offer a variety of sizes and being pre-washed and ready to eat, we help to reduce labour and food waste as we understand these two major costs clients are trying to manage tightly.”

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