N.B. Liquor Hikes Beer Prices


FREDERICTON — Add beer to the list of retail price increases in food and commodities, as suds at N.B. Liquor outlets now cost $1 more per case and $3 more per flat of 24 beers.

The reason for the increase was explained by Gary von Richter, customer service manager for N.B. Liquor. “This is a result of the expense reduction process ordered by government,” he said, according to Brunswick News. “Obviously you only have two ways to increase your revenue — decrease your expenses or increase your prices.”

The prices for single bottles of  imported beer, such as Corona and Heineken, have also increased. For example, a bottle of Corona now sells for $2.33, up from $2.20, and a bottle of Heineken sells for $2.35, up from $2.25.

Image courtesy of Dreamstime.com

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