N.B Operators and Consumers Feel Pinch


MONCTON, N.B. — Soaring food prices have started to impact foodservice outlets in New Brunswick.

According to a recent CBC News story, operators are beginning to pass price increases onto consumers, and some have even cut staff and services. In fact, a bakery owner told the CBC the rising costs of cocoa and sugar is particularly concerning. “We’sre just going to have to see how far it goes,” Karen Silliker, owner of Moncton’s Cake Box, told the news outlet. “Maybe we’sll start making more things with less chocolate, but chocolate is what people want,” she said.

Rising commodity prices also worry Terry’s Bake Shop operators Terry and Francine Cohoon who told the Times & Transcript “dramatic” rises in oil and sugar prices are shocking. “It’s hard. [We’sre] just a small family run business,” Cohoon told the paper. “A lot of our customers are like our family. You don’st want to be raising your prices all the time. We did a little bit of an increase before Christmas; it was just a 50-cent increase, but you don’st want to be doing that all the time. We’sll probably try to hold out.”


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