Nescafé Opens a Do-it-Yourself Coffee Pop-up


TORONTO — The Nestlé Coffee Taproom — a coffee shop created specifically for Nescafé coffee drinkers — opened its doors today on Toronto’s Queen St. W. The new coffee concept offers coffee, fast Wi-Fi, plenty of outlets and comfortable places to sit, without the long lines, complicated menus, expensive drinks, or baristas. Cups of coffee can be made on demand with hot-water taps and Sweet & Creamy sachets.

“Our customers like Nescafé Sweet & Creamy because it’s a simple way to make a creamy and delicious cup of coffee at home, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to hang out in a coffee shop sometimes,” says Deana Zaghloul, senior Marketing manager, Nescafé. “Now the perks of Sweet & Creamy include a coffee shop that they’re free to use whenever they want.”

The Nescafé Coffee Taproom is open daily until June 28. To enter the coffee shop, consumers scan a Nescafé Sweet & Creamy sachet and receive a secret code to unlock the doors.

Although this is a pilot project, Nestlé is asking customers where a Nescafé Coffee Taproom should open next by submitting their city at

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