Nestlé Awards Humber College Students as Part of Annual Culinary Competition


TORONTO ― A group of Humber College students walked away with cash prizes on November 13 as part of the second annual Nestlé Professional cooking competition. Six students — three from the school’s baking program and three from the culinary program — were tasked with creating food truck-inspired dishes in front of hundreds of onlookers.

As part of their ongoing partnership, Nestlé Professional Minor’s and Humber College challenged students to create innovative food-truck recipes that included at least one Nestlé Professional Minor’s Base and one Minor’s Flavour Concentrate. The Nestlé Professional Minor’s family of products encompass a selection of premium bases and flavour concentrates that provide chefs with the foundations they need to create and personalize dishes.

Humber’s top three winners from each category who participated in the on-campus cook-off demonstrated that food-truck dishes can be more than just an average taco. David Lam and Tina Pistarelli won first place with their innovative Braised Pork Belly and Chicken and Waffles Ice Cream Sandwich recipes, showing a wide variety of flavour profiles, which ultimately won them the prize.

Culinary Winners:
1.David Lam, Braised Pork Belly ($1,000)
2.Omkar Atre, Chicken Tikka Roti ($750)
3.Maria Feliz, Lobster Corn Dog ($500)

Baking & Pastry Arts Winners:
1.Tina Pistarelli, Chicken and Waffles Ice Cream Sandwich ($1,000)
2.Ruby Nguyen, Korean Fried Chicken Burger ($750)
3.(Gina) Gajin Lee, Oriental Prawn Ravioli ($500)

The up-and-coming chefs were judged by a professional panel of industry experts including Kostuch Media’s editor and publisher Rosanna Caira.

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