Nestlé Professional and George Brown Challenge Students in Live Cook-Off


TORONTO — A selection of culinary students from Toronto’s George Brown College had a chance to put their skills to the test late last week, at the annual Nestlé Professional Minor’s Global Street Food Competition.

As part of their ongoing partnership, Nestlé Professional and George Brown challenged students to create their own innovative global-street-food recipes that included at least one Nestlé Professional Minor’s Base or Minor’s Flavour Concentrate.

During the live on-campus cook-off, competing students exhibited creative flare in both the taste and creation of their dishes. An Hoang’s creation — Chicken Karaage Banh Xeo — ultimately won over judges and the audience, claiming both the first-place prize and the People’s Choice award.

The 2018 competition results were as follows:

• 1st place ($1,000) and People’s Choice ($500) — An Hoang
• 2nd place ($750) — Urmil G. Rathod
• 3rd place ($500) — Youngyup Chang
• 4th place ($250) — Rene Corpuz
• 5th place ($100) — Carl Daniel D’clasz

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