Nestlé Supports Cocoa Farmers


TORONTO — Nestlé’s regular-size Kit Kat, Aero, Coffee Crisp and Smarties treats are now being made under the company’s Cocoa Plan.

The plan, designed to provide a sustainable supply chain, was formulated to improve the lives of farmers in cocoa-growing regions around the world using programs to tackle the challenges facing cocoa farming communities.

Some initiatives the chocolate company introduced include distributing higher-yield, disease-resistant plants that produce more income, educating farmers and their families and improving infrastructure in farming communities. Nestlé is also championing a movement to eliminate child labour in the cocoa supply chain.

“Nestlé is investing $120 million through The Cocoa Plan to address some of the very complex challenges facing the cocoa farming communities we work with,” said Terri Tinella, president of Nestlé Canada’s confectionary division.

Nestlé Canada is purchasing enough cocoa under The Cocoa Plan to produce regular-size top-selling bars, Kit Kat, Coffee Crisp, Aero and Smarties in single and multi-pack formats. The Cocoa Plan aims to improve the productivity of individual cocoa farms to ensure Canadians can enjoy their favourite chocolate brands for years to come.

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