New Brunswick Chef Takes French Fries to a Whole New Level

Photo credit: Gulliver’s World Cafe, Facebook
Photo credit: Gulliver’s World Cafe, Facebook

GAGETOWN, N.B. — A New Brunswick chef has brought French fries to a whole new level. Chef Thane Mallory hand cuts Russet potatoes, triple-cooks them in goose fat imported from France and serves them alongside homemade merlot ketchup.

Mallory cooks his fries at three different temperatures, which makes them crispier and results in a better colour. Seasoned with Windsor Sea Salt and imported Fleur de Sel, the fries sell for $12.99 per serving and are only available with reservations at his Gulliver’s World Café, which overlooks the St. John River in Gagetown, N.B.

“People love the fries,” he says. “They love the creaminess and when you dip it into the ketchup it gives you all the flavour you’re looking for.” [Chronical News]

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